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Q: What is the India of your dreams?

A: My India would be a democratic State in which people belonging to different religions, sects or races would be treated with perfect equality....

Q: Looking back, what are the most thrilling memories, which you still cherish?

A: Of course, memories of old keep haunting me. I treasure these thrilling memories. They are now a part of me and will remain...

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जयोस्तुते श्रीमहन्मंगले ! शिवास्पदे शुभदे स्वतंत्रते भगवती ! त्वामहं यशोयुतां वंदे राष्ट्राचे चैतन्य मूर्त तू नीती-संपदांची स्वतंत्रते भगवती ! श्रीमती राज्ञी तू त्यांची परवशतेच्या नभात तूची आकाशी होसी स्वतंत्रते...