Do only Hindus believe in Superstitions?

“Aji, the scientist who claimed that the Earth rotates, was also killed by Christians on the grounds that he had offended religious sentiments, so he was essentially punished for his claim that the Earth moves. Not only that, but Columbus, the discoverer of America, was declared a criminal by Christian clergy, who alleged that by discovering a land not mentioned in the Bible, he had offended their religious feelings. Your belief and pride in the fact that only Hindus have borne the brunt of superstitions is a superstition in and of itself. A true rationalist, whether Christian or Muslim, strives to correct all beliefs that are false or directly harmful to public interests. And such ridiculous ideas have spread under the guise of religion among all religious people. Claiming to remove Hindu superstitions and replacing them with Muslim or Christian superstitions is not an authentic creed of propagating rationalism.”

– Swatantryaveer Savarkar
source – Andhshraddha Nirmulan kathaye

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