Veer Savarkar’s speech after partition of India

“ We have been seeing the map of India. It has been disappeared now. It is divided into two pieces . One is the map of India other is the map of Pakistan. This govt. of Pakistan is piercing an arrow in the chest of India.

What is this Pakistan ? What is this state ? Who created this ? Hindus created this only. England did not created , Muslims did not created but you Hindus created ! You are responsible with your own willingness . You are trying to contact and you created .

If this mistake is not taken care of there will be terrible distruction ahead. The green corner in both corner want to make the whole India green.

Hindus will be abused and tortured in Pakistan and Muslim in India will get more priorities and respect than Hindus. We will Shamelessly give our daughter to Muslims and make them our son in laws. If this concept continues further , then in the coming years Muslims will assert their authority over whole India , I have repeating the same thing over and over again. ”

– Swatantryaveer Savarkar

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