Best Rational quotes of Veer Savarkar in English

“All oppressors are of the same caste. All over the world, all oppressors think alike and united. Then that oppressor may be a coat and hat-wearing John Bull or a loincloth draped bald-headed Headman of an Ashram or Pith.”

From: A Hot Spicy Medley (Satirical essays compilation)

“ No one should be under any illusion that they will triumph because justice or God is on their side or that they are literally following a particular religious text. If you want success on earth, you must acquire earthly power and strength. ”

“ It is a fool who wants to listen to only the favourable news. The brave and courageous men want to know the adverse news first so that they could face the dangers. ”

“We are not interested in post mortem. Just ask – Is that tradition inhuman? If so drop it.”

“Under the present circumstances, only the deed that would benefit our nation should be done by all of us. That is our duty. That is humanism.”

“If you believe that God is pleased by worshipping the Banyan tree or by worshipping the cow or the bull or offering milk to a snake, then would not the same God bless you if you look after an orphan? At present our Vratas are meant to effect the cleansing of heart, achieve earthly desire and blessing for the life after death. Surely the same can be achieved by helping the needy and working for the uplift of the poor. Choose a Vrata that will achieve these.”

“Our religion cannot be contained between the two covers of any one book. As much truth and knowledge is spread between the two covers of this world, to that extent our scripture will be vast. In short, one should believe in whatever philosophy they like. Even if we take any one scripture, there is a difference of opinion among its commentators. Sects are formed as a result. We see how many commentaries have been made on ‘Gita’ alone.”

“If someone abuses that courageous man, who goes ahead to break the shackles of the helpless, then those are probably the same helpless ones. The real enemy of women’s freedom, at least today, is the woman herself. Yes, it is also true that this cowardly hypocrisy of women is also a reflection of the terrorism of the male-dominated society.”

(Andhshraddha Nirmulan kathaye)

“Just as millions of tickets go waste, yet the lottery business continues to grow rapidly, in the same way, despite millions of wishes being proved to be false, people keep on asking for blessings.” (Andhshraddha Nirmulan kathaye)

“The work is neither accomplished nor spoiled by mere wishes.” ( Andhshraddha Nirmulan kathaye ४४४)

“Prayer is hope, not a solid guarantee of prayer fulfillment.” (Andhshraddha Nirmulan kathaye ५८०)

“Ladies, if the Hindu nation survives, Hindu Dharma will survive. If Hindu nation dies so would our Dharma, our culture, our way of life. It is in your hands to support the Hindu nation. Consider supporting orphans, helplesspeople, and the re-converts to Hindu Dharma. That is your duty today. That is your Vrata.” ( Andhshraddha Nirmulan kathaye)

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