20 Best Quotes of Veer Savarkar in English

“ Those who think I am a fanatic Hindu and a communalist, are suffering from a strange malady—hallucination. I am neither a fanatic Hindu nor a communalist. I cannot make donkeys think like horses. ” ( interview)

“Religion in politics is a recipe for disaster and I will fight to remove that and ensure equality for all-not just have the Hindu community bear the albatross of these discriminatory terms and conditions, but create a common benchmark.” – Bala rao savarkar Hindu mahasabha parv pp 42-43

‌“The Mahasabha takes its stand on no dogma, no book or school of philosophy whether pantheist, monotheist or atheist…The Mahasabha is not in the main a Hindu-Dharma-Sabha but it is pre-eminently a Hindu-Rashtra-Sabha and is a Pan-Hindu organization shaping the destiny of the Hindu Nation in all its social, political and cultural aspects. Those who commit the serious mistake of taking the Hindu Mahasabha for only a religious body would do well to keep this distinction in mind.” – hindu rashtra darshan p.4

‌“Hitler, knows how to be independent and what he needs to do. Nazism and Fascism might be appropriate for Germany and Italy, and India need not meddle in their internal affairs. What India needed to do was to first create its independent government. India did not have power like Japan, Germany and Italy, and its people wanted independence. He averred that the British claim of independence being a threat to democracy was a lie. He called for British soldiers to leave India so that Indians could create their own nation. The Mahasabha, he declared, supported Indian independence and regarded all those who opposed it as enemies. For those who were neutral to Indian interests, India too must be neutral. Our policy to British must be decided this way. ” (dai ajia shugi march 1939 issue , Asiatic society tokyo publication)

‌“As a Hindu you should feel the pain of Hindus anywhere.” ( balarao Savarkar hindu mahasabha parva pp 316-17)

“If to defend the just and equitable rights of Hindus in their own land is communalism then we are communalists par excellence and glory in being the most devoted Hindu communalists which to us means being the truest and the most equitable Indian Nationalists! ” (Hindu Rashtra Darshan)

‘Rather get killed than converted.’ This was the prevalent call among Hindus at that time.
But Ramdas stood up and exclaimed, ‘No, not thus. Get killed rather than converted is good
enough but better than that. Do not get either killed nor get violently converted. Rather, Kill
the violent forces themselves and get killed while killing to conquer in the cause of righteousness’ (Hindu Pad Padashahi, pp. 141–62)

“If you construct roads in the name of development without securing them , then the same roads can be used by the invading army to enslave the nation.”

“There are only two principles of International Politics – protect the interests of one’s own country and its people and the other is Might is right.”

“You may call it brutal, but self-preservation is the law of nature.Morality is found only in textbooks. It does not exist in international relations.”

“Some politicians say, ‘No one would dare attack an unarmed nation with arms.’ But truly is there a moral force in the world? Can France complain against England in the League of Nations? Can Russia say to England,‘How dare you exploit India?’ The principle is ‘you do not exploit me and I do not exploit you but let us exploit some one else.”(S SV 4 pp 418-421)

“Today Germany has annexed Czechoslovakia and still England has kept quiet (Munich agreement between Chamberlain and Hitler of 29 September 1938). Our enemy is England. Others are neither friends nor enemies. It is not in our interest to be hostile to Germany on account of Czechoslovakia. We should look at international affairs from the point of view of our interests.” (HMS Era pp 146/7)

“Each country looks through the binoculars of self-interest. We should befriend any nation that would turn out to be beneficial to us. ‘Preserve ourselves’ that must be our motto of international relations. Any country that will help us gain our independence is our friend, be it a Nazi or Fascist or Bolshevik state. On the other hand, any country that stands in the way of gaining our independence is our enemy.”
(S S V 4 pp 426/8)

“The nations who at first sympathised with Abyssinia are now accepting Italy’s annexation of that country. Their principle is ‘My nation for me and I for my nation.’ We too need to declare that our policy is the same. When I was in jail on the Andaman Islands, the prisoners used to respect me as some great person. They brought their complaints and grievances to me. One of them was convicted of theft twelve times. He realised that his needle had been stolen. He was furious with the suspect prisoner, pointed out to him and said to me, ‘Look Sir, he is a thief. He stole my needle.’ His sense of justice had been awakened by the theft, because he was affected. Current international situation is somewhat similar.”

• In his public speech in Calcutta, Savarkar said on 20 February 1939 —
“Many people, especially Hindus think that our foreign policy should be based on democracy. But, we must remember that there is no such thing as international morality in the world. Relations between nations had never been based on the morality of relations between individuals. Nations have only one aim, the protection and propagation of self-interest. The words like Truth and Non-violence may sound nice to the ear, but they are utterly useless in deciding the foreign policy of any nation. There is no example where they were useful to any nation in deciding its foreign policy.”

“Had not Gandhiji himself conspired with the Ali Brothers to invite an invasion by the Pathans and to enthrone the Amir of Afghanistan as the Emperor of India? Had he not declared again in the year 1940 in writing and repeated it now and then that if the Nizam subduing the Hindu Princes and with the support of Frontier tribes took Delhi and became the ruler of India that would be a perfect Home rule, a cent percent Swaraj? Thus a Pathani or a Nizami Moslem Raj is to Gandhiji a cent per cent Swaraj. But Hindu Raj? Oh no! It would be communal, fascist, anti-national and an anathema! ! !” (Historic Statements)

“ Treat Muslims as they treat Hindus. That is the
only way of getting some sense into their heads. ” (Rationalism of Veer Savarkar)

“When a martyr intends to take an action, then nobody can stop him. The mental posture of Anant Kanhere at that time was such that even had I asked him not to take this action, he would not have listened to me. The mind of a martyr comes to such a pitch. His conviction becomes so certain that nothing on earth can prevent him from doing this.”
Source : Second Volume of Veer Savarkar’s biography by Vikram Sampath

“ Just tell me which mantra tantra defeated Hitler ? Did Gandhi’s charkha defeat Hitler ? I’ll tell you how hitler was defeated.
When A power thrice as large as the Nazis came together. When America , England , France and Russia fought together. Not by non violence ! Not by weakness. !

“Someone may ask us. ‘how long can eye for eye, tooth for tooth’ will go on ? We say, “as long as Muslims do not come to their senses.” There is no point in saying that we should not sink to their level. In this instance we have no choice. We did not start the fight. It was forced upon us. AND in
the end we have to face the facts .” ( Rationalism of Veer Savarkar )

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