Forgetfulness – Veer Savarkar

” Memory remains appropriate for man or society, but in reality, like memory, forgetfulness is also a divine grace. Some memories are such for man or society, that it is more beneficial to forget than to remember; But many are not satisfied with the memories of this birth and they follow the path of yoga-siddhi to find the memories of previous births as well. But to be honest, if all the memories of this birth only keep following us, then it is not possible for the conscious mind to tolerate them; Then, if the memories of seven or seventy previous births keep crowding the subconscious mind, then how suffocating the soul would be because of the caresses of the seventy mothers, the gossip of the mothers, the dolls lost in play or at home, the sticks of the teachers, the biting scorpions of those seventy births. Those unfulfilled hopes, those diseases, those indulgences, those insults, those disillusionments, those quarrels, and then remembering them, remembering them again and again, means rubbing the coals of past sorrows again and again!!

A few memories of his previous birth as told by Lord Buddha have been kept in writing which are available in the form of Shrauta literature. What an expansion of those Jataka tales! And if Lord Buddha had the grace to tell and write all the stories of all his previous births, then the whole earth would have become a library because of those texts; Still it is not enough for them. The reason is that due to the innumerable past births of anyone, even the fragments of memories would have been innumerable!!

This was just a matter of Lord Buddha. But if a man born in every birth, like some of our Theosophist friends nowadays remember his previous birth, starts to refresh his gross memories and unfortunately starts getting them all written down and published, then only this generation of the whole human race On an average, each of one hundred and fifty crore people will have innumerable Jatakas. Far from reading them, just listening to their number makes me dizzy. According to mythological tradition, like Raktabeej demons, the blood-drop of the memory of every passing moment gives birth to each memory-demon. If we say in the mythological definition, then in order to save people from this tyranny of memory, that point of the moment is meant to be swallowed as soon as it falls. Goddess Vismriti incarnated, so everything went well. Undoubtedly, like memory, forgetfulness is also a divine grace. The absence of ancient history i.e. the primitive memories of the society sometimes becomes a cause of great concern for us. How to read history, till this discretion is not awakened in the society, is it not beneficial to forget some part of it? Because if it is said with historical certainty which is Lanka of Ravana today, then the people of that country will not have hatred towards us Aryans and a new quarrel will not be prepared by rubbing the coals of the old quarrel. can say? This is not a pure fantasy.

Because of the memory of the same Ramayana-story, we Aryans pamper monkeys even today; It doesn’t matter if a person gets hurt for that. Now there is news of one place that there was a riot in order to free the monkey and many people were killed. It is in a way honoring the treaty made between Sugriva and Rama. On hearing this proof that Aryans came to India from the North Pole, those who consider themselves as non-Aryans have started calling the so-called Aryan castes as ‘Post-Hindu’ and themselves as ‘Adi Dravida’, ‘Adi Hindu’ or not! Then the information of that ancient period was revealed in its true form by taking off the guise of mythological hide and seek. The true things of who are originally non-Aryans, who are Aryas, who are Asuras, who are Danujs, who are Huns, who are Dravidians etc. suddenly become known from house to house. If they go today, there will be so much hue and cry! How many Brahmins will emerge as purified Shakas or Maghs, How many Kshatriyas will emerge as Huns! In-laws side Arya, then mother-in-law will turn out to be Nagvanshi or Paishach.

Let bygones be bygones! Now forget the past. This sentence says how many broken affections have been reunited till today, how many unrequited loves have been rekindled. Undoubtedly, forgetfulness like memory is also a divine grace. “

Source : Savarkar Samagra Vol 1


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