What will decide the path of nation’s progress? Shastra or Reason ?

“Moving forward, if we want to determine whether a discussion is good or bad, or whether a reform is needed or not, we should solve these issues solely on the basis of “Is this Advisable in the current scenario or not?” Questions like “Is this in accordance with the scriptures or not?” should never be asked. Involvement in assemblies of religious scholars and their squabbles over scripture interpretations is akin to putting your head through an oil crusher and should be avoided. In conclusion, “What is appropriate for the present?” should be the only question that guides us forward. Just by considering this minor factor, we can solve problems that have remained unsolved for four thousand years in just four days and break free from our ancient shackles.

We can easily determine which issue is absolutely critical for the nation’s salvation. But even Lord Brahma cannot say for certain which thing is unquestionably agreeable to the scriptures without causing a dispute. We do not believe that any scripture is unchangeable and timeless. Shruti-Smriti, we respect all ancient scriptures out of gratitude and affection, but we never consider them infallible as factual historical accounts. Using scientific methods, we will put every word and logic in these scriptures to the test. Only after they have passed will ‘what is critical for the nation’s integrity and evolution’ be used without hesitation. As a result, we will become more progressive and up to date.

Once we’ve determined this, we’ll be able to break the chains of backward traditions and the shruti-smriti-purans that enforce them, chains that have stymied our progress for thousands of years. Then, with our free hands, we will crush the other external factors that are impeding our success, and we will pave the way for our progress, a path that will be a hundred times smoother than the current one. ”

– Swatantryaveer Savarkar

(Source : Vigyannishth Nibandh)

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