Oh Hindusthan ! – Veer Savarkar

Savarkar says Society should not try to shine in the light of others, India should be a star shining in its own light. Oh hindusthan , be independent !

Oh hindusthan , listen what others have to say by abstractive approach . Listen carefully . If not , you will spend the rest of the day sitting on their side , with the foolish hope of your upliftment , just like you have spent your days till today , and now you will have to spend the rest of the day stubborning for someone foreign to take me by the side ;
People , no matter how sweet and gentle they may be , you will not be able to learn to walk by sitting side of them . Don’t be over – excited by what they say .
What a foreigner , but if you do your duty , the whole world will say that , it depends on your duty .

If there is any foreign leader showing true sympathy ! Accept sympathy , but do not ask ! If there is a respectable invitation , go for dinner but do not visit . Acquire food by doing your own work .
The Lord has given you agriculture like Bharat . The vast canals of Ganga , Yamuna , Godavari , Kaveri , Indus and Brahmaputra have been created by God for that vast farm . In this divine farm , with the water of these unbroken canals , your ancestors have grown not only grain but also real gold !
But God has a condition in this farming agreement that you have to plow this field .

If you do this , the gold will be harvested , but the plow of the others will turn on it , the plague will be harvested , the famine will be harvested , the captivity will be harvested ! Whether the plow belongs to Balfer or Morley . You have fulfilled this condition of God , Oh Hindustan , whether it rains in your divine field next season or not , Kohinoor will grow , throne will grow , Kalidas will grow , Shivaji will grow !
आत्मैवयात्मनो बंधु !

-Dt . December 20 , 1906
(Letters from London)

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