The Currents of Revolution – Veer Savarkar

This is one of the newspapers that Savarkar used to send to India when he was in London. The repercussions of the revolution taking place there were felt in India, and Savarkar used to tell in this letter how my countrymen should view these events and how to take advantage of them.

The currents of revolution and evolution are flowing uninterruptedly and continuously as per the rules of the world .

‘A revolution is a sudden change that occurs from descent of time with unimaginable force for the sake of humanity .’

‘The gradually slow flow of the universal mind , like a river flowing over the same region , is called evolution .’

Revolution and evolution are interdependent . From revolution comes evolution and from evolution comes revolution . This evolutionary cycle has been accelerating since the beginning of time . The philosophical revolution , the religious revolution , the revolution for power have been progressing in different forms in different periods and will continue to do so .

Like a stable and non – streaming dough water , passiveness and relaxed state of person or nation , decomposes it . In order to prevent decomposition , the stagnant water has to start flowing by destroying the dams that block its speed .

“Transformation is the nature of the universe , early or late , transformation happens .”

‘The beginning of this movement , the first stroke of the tide that breaks the barrier , or the sound that is heard when the chain of rules that binds the feet of the individual and striking sound of shackles that breaks under the thicket of progress is called Revolution .’

‘Evolution is the process by which the specific velocity of this revolutionary reaction is reduced and the basic and normal motion is obtained .’

The religious revolution has been stopped and Evolution of Religion has just begun in the world .
But because of hundreds of obstacles of injustice and selfishness to the world’s political evolution , many responsive socio – political revolution are going to be happened . Without that , the world will not progress , and since progress is universal rule , these revolutions are must .

An overview of how many of these progressive revolutions are currently underway or are about to begin , how many stagnant earthquakes are threatening to strike or kill their dams , and how many nations are adapting opportunities and tools to break the chains of slavery , is important .

Ref- Newspaper from London

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