Veer Savarkar’s message to the nation on India’s first Republic Day, 26 January 1950

In his message to the nation on India’s first Republic Day, 26 January 1950, Savarkar appealed for undoing of Partition, drawing an analogy between Partition of 1947 with the one caused by Alexander 2,500 years ago and how the partitioned parts were then won back by Chandragupta Maurya. He said:

Even the painful consciousness of the Partition, which we all so deeply deplore, should not be allowed to instil a sense of defeated mentality in us. If, when all was lost, we have succeeded in liberating three-fourths part of our country, we can surely recover the rest if we are bent on doing so. True, the Partition today is a settled fact. But had not Alexander himself torn off these very parts from our motherland and dubbed it a settled fact? Yet, history tells us how Seleucus handed back to us all those parts of our natural frontiers right up to Hindukush and gave his daughter in marriage to Chandragupta to seal mutual friendship. Verily, we have our own ways to resettle settled facts. Let us first consolidate what we have already got and follow courageously the policy of tit for tat to all outsiders concerned and all will go well with us.

source – Veer Savarkar : the man who could prevented the partition

One thought on “Veer Savarkar’s message to the nation on India’s first Republic Day, 26 January 1950

  1. Veer Savarkar was right in advising that we should reclaim the parts of India lost to Jinnha as Pakistan. Jinnah had told Mountbatten that he wanted a corner of India from where he would bring about a Jihad and conquer the whole of India. Therefore it is natural for us to reclaim the lost territory. They have proved that they are incapable of running their own country. They got the most fertile land of Western Punjab and the entire water bodies of Indus valley. India didn’t use her share of the waters. They have failed to feed their population. Baluchistan is fighting for freedom from the Pakistani occupation. Millions are dying in Pakistan due to hunger, lack of health facilities and other reasons. It is natural and essential to recapture the lost territory and feed the hungry population.

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