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Oh Hindusthan ! – Veer Savarkar

Savarkar says Society should not try to shine in the light of others, India should be a star shining in its own light. Oh...

The Currents of Revolution – Veer Savarkar

This is one of the newspapers that Savarkar used to send to India when he was in London.

Veer Savarkar’s message to the nation on India’s first Republic Day, 26 January 1950

In his message to the nation on India's first Republic Day, 26 January 1950, Savarkar appealed for undoing of Partition, drawing an analogy between...
veer savarkar sir john bull

The Instructions of Shankaracharya Maharaj and Sir John Bull – Veer Savarkar

All oppressors are of the same caste. All over the world all oppressors think alike and united. Then that oppressor may be a coat...
Savarkar - Bose Relationship

Savarkar – Bose relationship

There are many allegations over Swatantryaveer Savarkar based on propagandas , and now the most intelligent person of the World , whose name is...

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Jayostute Poem with Hindi and English translation

जयोस्तुते श्रीमहन्मंगले ! शिवास्पदे शुभदे स्वतंत्रते भगवती ! त्वामहं यशोयुतां वंदे राष्ट्राचे चैतन्य मूर्त तू नीती-संपदांची स्वतंत्रते भगवती ! श्रीमती राज्ञी तू त्यांची परवशतेच्या नभात तूची आकाशी होसी स्वतंत्रते...