If we look at Savarkar’s political journey as a whole, it should be taken very deeply, intricately but very thoughtfully. The beginning of Savarkar’s political activism was from ‘Abhinav Bharat’, the organization he founded, to ‘Hindu Mahasabha’ of which he was the president for almost seven years. Those who study Savarkar’s writings and biography, only to oppose him, say, “We accept Savarkar up to the Andamans, not the latter part of his life.” , “Savarkar did not oppose the British after the Andamans, but instead fell into the Hindu-Muslim conflict. He did not take part in the revolution,” they says. The rebuttal of this is of course going to happen here now.

स्वातंत्र्यलक्ष्मी की जय !

What is the relationship between freedom and Lakshmi? Asking such a question, it is madness, as well as asking such a question ‘ what is the relationship between freedom and Hindutva ?’ is same type of madness. Till now, the mother country has been in the captivity , by remembering her loan, Hindus have been released her time to time, from shakas , hunas , yavans , mughals or Britishers . Because this land is the fatherland and the holy land of hindus only. This is the same Hindus, Hinduashtra who protected the motherland Bharat from fanatic Moslem attack, and has shown her Swarajya. The flag of Hindutva that Savarkar took up is based on this eternaland natural history of Hindus! Therefore, every Hindu who is proud of Hindutva is a nationalist Undoubtedly. Let go of the misconception that Indians were only threatened by the British under British rule. Because the non-national tendencies of the then Nizamshahi, Muslims were trying to become so strong that as soon as the British left India, the Khilafat was started in India with the help of Turkish nations. Whether one crisis of India goes away or not, this second crisis comes. And it is these Muslim tendencies that have brought India into the stigma of partition. It is childish to think that Savarkar has accepted sectarianism without looking at this background. Therefore, the idea that Savarkar was a sectarian is ridiculous. The pro-Hindu movement is entirely a national revolution and so is history of hindus. The same history was carried on by Savarkar! Partition is a factor in pursuing this, but the demands of the Muslim Independent Revolutionary Khilafah as well as the demands of the Muslim League must also be taken into account. As a proof, see a pamphlet of Savarkar against ‘atrocities against Hindus in Nizami’

Hindutva Is Nationalism

If Savarkar wouldnt have lightened the lamp of Hindu nationalism in Hindusthan at that time.. then today’s situation would be same as afghanistan ! Gandhi’s policy of appeasing British interests and Muslims was dangerous for the nation. So it is doubtful to say how much freedom is guaranteed! If he did not want to work for independence, Hindu Mahasabha would have become a religious organization without being a political party.

This is Savarkar’s policy towards Muslims, ” if you are with us then with you, if not then without you , if you will oppose then without caring about you , hindurashtra will win the freedom.” 

Hindu Revolt

While Savarkar, the leader of the Indian revolutionaries, was in captivity, the revolutionaries did not benefit much from the First World War. Savarkar’s fiery of revolution needed an opportunity! And it walked towards him soon. In 1939, World War II broke out. Savarkar was released from restrictions. The British were ready to hand over arms to the indian youth that same British who were banning, hanging if the revolutionaries took up arms before. The opportunity had come. The world war was going to benefit the revolutionaries.
Then this Saraswati-putra worshiped Mahakali and roared, ‘ pick up the guns, break the pens’. The plan to militarize Hindus was started by the Hindu Mahasabha but in the style of Abhinav Bharat.

◆  Veer Savarkar’s telegram to Roosevelt on April 23, 1939:

If the letter you sent to Hitler is motivated by a genuine concern of humanity to protect freedom and democracy from military aggression, please ask Britain to end its military rule in India and give India the freedom to make its own constitution. A great nation like India should definitely have the right to seek international justice, like other small nation. ”

The revolt of the Muslim caliphate was crushed and the arms of british army were occupied by the hindus.
Bhagat Singh’s uncle Ajit singh was linked to Mussolini in Italy, while Rashbehari Bose was waiting for an opportunity from Japan under the banner of the Hindu Mahasabha. The person that Savarkar was also looking for for this work came before him in the form of Subhash Chandra. He urged Netaji to leave India and fight for independence with the enemy nations of the British.

On February 17, 1942, after learning of the fall of Singapore, Savarkar issued a manifesto. He said:

“The fall of Singapore is going to have a huge impact on the question of India’s defense. It is in Britain’s interest for Britain to take this step before Japan. As soon as the Japanese army came to the border of India, it declared that ‘we are coming to make this Hindustan independent’, hence the people here will turn against Britain and the situation will become complicated for british. In order to prevent this from happening, it would be in everyone’s interest for the British leaders to declare Indian independence as soon as possible and create a sense of camaraderie among the Hindi people about this war. ”

Due to Savarkar’s militarization, Subhash Chandra and Rashbehari got a well-trained Indian Revolutionary Army. At the same time, the British army became empty. The ground forces, navy, air force were all devoured by Hindu forces. The Germans rained down destruction on Britain, even directly on London. After this, when the America dropped an atomic bomb on Japan. Japan withdrew from war. But there was the Indian Army.

On April 9, 1942, Savarkar reiterated his views on the Cripps Plan in a statement. He said: 

“Now war is knocking at the door of the country. However, Hindu youth should enter the Army, Air Force, Navy, Air Defense Force, Civil Defense Force in lakhs and be armed with the education imparted there. Only in this way can we protect ourselves from military atrocities during the war and from the bullying of non-Hindus. Also, the weapons training, fighting spirit and efficiency acquired today will be useful to the post-war national forces. ”

Savarkar wrote in a letter sent to British newspapers on 18 August 1942.

“National discontent in India cannot be quelled by repressive measures alone. Now, without wasting time in negotiations, Britain should immediately do the following to get India’s cooperation in the war.

(1) The British Lok Sabha should announce that Hindustan has been given the Dominion status.
(2) The Viceroy’s Executive Board should be fully nationalized.
(3) The army should be Indianized as soon as possible.
(4) Executive boards should be appointed from the provinces as well as from the center.
(5) A post-war incident committee should be appointed. The other thing is that Britain should not do anything with the consent of the Congress and the League without the consent of the mahasabha. Because the Congress itself has said that it is not a representative of Hindus. However, the British people should keep in mind that any agreement made without the consent of the Hindu Mahasabha will not be applicable on Hindus. ”

Savarkar’s militarization became useful here when the Indian army was used by this revolutionary army. The British were frightened, the British were forced to give independence.

The then British Prime Minister Atley made a statement in the British Parliament during the Independence of India Act. The statement dispels the notion of ‘freedom through non-violence’. 

” Savarkar already knew that in order to make the country independent, a large number of arms were needed and they had to be given abroad. Savarkar had assured that Germany and Russia would recognize the revolutionary government as the government of India as soon as the revolution arose from both the emperor Tsar and the other dictator Caesar, who were enemies of the British Empire at that time. He had obtained assurances from the advocates of various nations in England that the Allied ships would arrive in India on the appointed day of the Revolution. As soon as the revolution erupts in India, the goal manifesto of the Indian revolutionaries will be immediately published in all the major nations of the world. He had also arranged this. Savarkar had already assured the paramilitary revolutionaries that they would find refuge in Japan, Germany, Mexico, Afghanistan, Turkey, Russia and the America. Even today, the idea of international schemes used for this has been heard, it is still thrilling.”

– Narhar Kurundkar – of Abhinav Bharat 

Hence, the conclusion is that ‘Savarkar did nothing for Indian independence after he came from the Andamans’; This deceptive statement is untrue. Savarkar’s path to Hindutva was based on history and it is also clear from his various statements with the above reference. Therefore the statement ‘Savarkar did not even utter a word against the British’ is unbased. This shows how ignorant media outlets like The Wire spread treasonous propaganda. We have to decide how much to trust such social media from now on. Thank you.

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