How did Veer Savarkar die ?

After Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Victory Against Pakistan Savarkar Thought the Purpose of Him coming to this life has ended and India will become a Great Country in Future. So he decided to end his life !

Then Savarkar Wrote an essay named “आत्महत्या आणि आत्मार्पण “ where  he explained the difference between a Suicide and आत्मार्पण by giving examples of Saints like Kumaril Bhatta, Dnyaneshwar, Tukaram that they ended their lives when they thought the Purpose of the life is complete, he indirectly gave a Message of him ending his life.

Then on the starting of the February he gave up Food and Water he even predicted the day of his Death. With contusions 18 days of Fasting on the last day he called Balarao Savarkar and said ” आम्ही जातो आमच्या गावा, आमुचा राम राम घ्यावा.”  and thus his life came to an end. He was a Man Of Scientific temper throughout his life and so was his death wish.

He ordered not to perform any Traditional rituals on his dead body like Sutak, Pind dan and just leave his body in Electric Crematorium! Lived a rationalist died a rationalist. That’s why prof Shivaji Rao Bhosle called this a वैज्ञानिक समाधी.

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pl deshpande on savarkar's death

PL Deshpande says “Just like Savarkar’s Childhood and Youth his death was also filled with Glory”  He walked towards death like a lion ,every day he came an inch closer to death and finally on 26 Feb 1966 he did a handshake with her! Despite Government officially not paying him tribute a Massive crowd of 2 lakh people attended his Funeral.

People say at the time of death men become full of blind faith, but Savarkar never compromised on his principles, even when he was dying. I wont call him an atheist he did believe in God as we clearly see from his Essay called Conceptualizing God. But yes he never ever had a place for any superstition or blind faith in his life !


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