The biggest enemy of our Freedom is Terrorism! – Veer Savarkar

As soon as this revolution is over, and we have established our independence, our first national duty is to bury the anti-national trends and means that we ourselves have spread all over the country during the revolution and establish law and order in the country. To counter defeat, secret plots, armed mutinies, terrorism, breaking the law, anti- enemy behaviour is acceptable, and necessary !

But as soon as we gain victory, such behaviour should be condemned and the means thrown away; else they become a bigger enemy of the nation than the outside forces. This situation was recognised by the revolutionaries at the time of the revolution itself and discussed in detail in Abhinav Bharat and London’s Free India Society. The revolutionaries were warned about it. Luckily we have some evidence of this revolutionary fact even today. My English book written in 1908-09, War of Indian Independence 1857, is now openly published. In that I have discussed this point and supported it from time to time, and also an appeal to the Indian princes to join the revolutionary party, a small booklet i had published in London ‘Choose, Oh Indian Princes!” that had gained a lot of fame at that time, though not fully but a passage on the above topic is still available to us today! Obviously the credit for the availability of that passage goes to our opponent, the author of Unrest of India, Valentine Chirol! The documentary evidence is proof of the fact that even during the revolution period we were planning about the basic principles and means on which the Independence should be based and were sharing this information with our revolutionary ranks. As soon as we gained independence we should give up the revolutionary motto and take up the following motto and engrave it on our hearts that, Constitution within- Revolution outside! Law within Sword outside! Peace within- War outside!

-Veer Savarkar

Source : A Hot Spicy Medley (Book)


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