Bhagat Singh noted down 6 Quotes in his jail diary from Veer Savarkar’s Book

Six quotes from Savarkar’s book Hindu Pad Padashahi were noted down by Bhagat Singh in his own handwriting in his Jail Diary. The quotes are as follows:

1) Sacrifice was adorable only when it was directly or remotely but reasonably felt to be indispensable for success. But the sacrifice that does not ultimately lead to success is suicidal and therefore had no place in the tactics of Maratha warfare

(Hindu Pad Padashahi, p. 256).

2) Fighting the Marathas is like fighting with the wind, is to strike on the water

(Hindu Pad Padashahi, p. 254).

3) That remains the despair of our age, which has to write history without making it, to sing of valorous deeds without the daring abilities and opportunities without actualizing them in life


(Hindu Pad Padashahi, pp. 244–45).

4) Politicalslavery can be easily overthrown at any time. But it is difficult to break the
shackles of cultural domination

(Hindu Pad Padashahi, pp. 242–43).

5) No freedom! whose smile we shall never resign. Go tell our invaders, the Danes, ‘That’s sweeter to blood for an age at thy shrine. Than to sleep but a minute in chains!’

(Hindu Pad Padashahi, p. 219, Savarkar quoting Thomas Moore.)

bhagat singh savarkar quotes

6) ‘Rather get killed than converted.’ This was the prevalent call among Hindus at that time. But Ramdas stood up and exclaimed, ‘No, not thus. Get killed rather than converted is good enough but better than that. Do not get either killed nor get violently converted. Rather, Kill the violent forces themselves and get killed while killing to conquer in the cause of righteousness’

(Hindu Pad Padashahi, pp. 141–62)

Source : Savarkar – Part 2

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