Savarkar: the Spirit of the Age

The Prince of Patriots rears his mighty head again.
Like the waters of mother Godavari,
the Prince’s philosophy too unstoppable.

The heir of the Great Shivaji
The father of Indian Revolution
The Christ of National freedom
The brave warrior son of his motherland.
The Prince of Patriots blows his bugle through
a Second Coming of the Indic Rennaisance.

What are those cowards Gandhi or Nehru
Infront of the Prometheus of an avant garde revolutionary?
What are those cheap boys flirting with chinese brands of immoral revolution,
in front of the Napoleon of Nashik,
the Anarchist of Andaman?

The Prince of Patriots
announces his majestic arrival.
The spirit of age beckons our Prince.
The motherland thirsts for a glimpse of her most beloved son Vinayak
to reinstate her dignity again.

This is the age of Veer Savarkar
Rise o Rise Hindustan’s
Brave sons and daughters!
Rise and salute
Savarkar: the Spirit of the Age

– @Mushriqin


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