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What is the significance of Savarkar’s contribution to the social reform movement?

During early years of British regime, there used to be two schools of thought, in Maharashtra. One school, led by Tilak believed...

What were Savarkar’s guiding principles?

Humanism, rationalism, utility and pragmatism were the guiding principles of Savarkar. According to him, the ultimate aim of all politics was formation...

What was the impact of Savarkar on the revolutionary movement?

In 1905, Savarkar started his secret society Abhinav Bharat - on the lines of Young Italy the revolutionary society of Mazzini. At the time...

What are Savarkar’s contributions to the Indian freedom struggle?

As early as 1900, when even 'home rule' and 'dominion status' were not heard of, Savarkar fearlessly declared complete independence as the goal...

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