The last wish of Veer Savarkar

The last wish of Veer Savarkar

If possible, please send my dead body in electric creamatorium only ! And not by lifting on shoulders of humans or by any animal cart which was our ancient ritual ….. instead of it arreange an ambulance. If anybody wants they can do speehes or can chant mantras in smashan bhumi . In the order of my death nobody should keep their shops etc closed… because it creates problems to society only ! It creates problem for people in their daily routine if shops etc are closed. If anybody wants to express thier guilt , they can call assembly and meeting and can express and share the feelings. After my death no one will do any “expired” rituals like sutak, पिंडदान and waiting for crow in काकस्पर्श विधी. These creates problem and hurts society itself only !. If anyone wants to do my श्राद्ध in real new way then they can do donations to Such हिंदुत्वनिष्ठ instituations and organisations which should be really benifitial to needy ones….

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