We Always hear the propaganda from Brigedis that Lokamanya was very castist and Brahmin Supremacist! They quote cherry picked quotes of Tilak on Women Education, Lower caste representation etc. So lets see Who he really was?

1. Tilak On Women education

In an article wrote on 4th October 1887 he said Women should be educated according to todays(1887th century Indias) needs.If we educate women according to the western way only the rich women will get the education and foreget the reforms but divide in the society will increase” further on 25 oct 1887 he showed full support to “Swadesi” institutions to educate women. He Never Opposed women education the opposition was to the British.

2. Tilak On Marraige Acts

On 26 October 1890s in Tulsibag TH1ak suggested प्रौढ विवाह(Womens age 16) and showed full support to विधवा विवाह. He went so hard that he said it should be compulsory for a Man older than 40 yrs (if he wants to marry) to marry a widow. He staunchly opposed Keshavpan pratha in the same.

In articals written on 8th and 25 March 1892 he harshly criticized sanatanis on Polygamy firmly opposed it!

3. Tilak On Caste Discrimination (1)

Tilak Showed Full support to V R Shinde and DK Karves Social reforms. On 8th November 1917 in Shanivaarwada he said “Due of our caste discrimination today we have

British ruling us if this doesn’t end our swarajya can never progress”

Some say he opposed LC representation but lets see what he said on 18th September 1917 “It doesn’t matter if all the law council members are non brahmins I do not want a single British appointed officer”.

4. Tilak On Caste Discrimination (2)

Tilak Says “National Education is not only for brahmjns it must be given to Antyajdalit), Chambhar, Sonar.” He goes even further and says “Our students must realize how important it is to end the caste discrimination ending the quarrels between the different castes is our 1st

responsibility.”He repeatedly used to tell his colleagues that legendary saints were born in lower castes never feel ashamed.National policy with O discrimination by Caste ,Creed or religion was Tilaks goal.

5. Tilak On Caste Discrimination (3)

He Radically opposed the Untouchablity called it a disease, fully supported Sahabhojan with all castes. He used to say”In Our Future Swarajya Brahmins and Non Brahmins will be treated with a Perfect eqality.” He also Openly opposed Vyavsay bandi and always Suggested to do work in field your good at. He used to Tell his son it doesn’t matter even if u sell footwears, you must do that with precision!

6. How Sanatani Orthodoxes Treated Tilak

Tilak faced a complete boycott during the Panchahaud Misson Prakaran by the Sanatanis. He was daily abused by them they called hin तेल्यातांबोळयांचा

aI(Representor of the low born).He Litteraly had to beg for money in his latter life. Just read some of the letters by Mr Vaidya to understand the Brutality and opposition Tilak faced.

7. How Tilak Was in his personal life!

He was very good friends with The legendary social reformer G G Agarkar. Has praised him many times. He wed his own 1st daughter into a Kattar Sudharak Family. He was the leader of all castes used to go in Pansupari samarambha of Mahar Mang, Matang. The main Purpose of Shivjayanti and Ganeshutsava was to unite all castes. Vittal Shinde while sharing his memories has written beutiful incidents that are direct answer to the ones who call him castist!

If a God is okay with Untouchablity, then I wont belive in him.

– Lokamanya Tilak


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