Predictions Made By Veer Savarkar which came true

Predictions Made By Veer Savarkar which came true :

1. China War

He predicted the 1962 Chinese invasion of India eight years earlier in 1954!He Issued many Statements and warnings to modernize the miletary with all Weapons also wrote letters to Nehru suggesting not to trust china!Alas that he was Ignored!

2. Todays Assam Issue

In the 1930s, when Muslims in East Bengal (now Bangladesh) started settling in the Brahmaputra valley and everyone was Ignoring that but Savarkar warned us and said “The migration of such large numbers of Muslims in Assam threatened not just the local culture but would also prove to be a national security problem for India on its north-east frontier.” No one had the Vison at that to foresee this and we all know Todays NRC issue in Assam!

3. Todays Chritian Missionary Problem!

In 1931 in Sharadhanand Savarkar wrote an artical named “Why Naga Hindus convert to Christianity?”. Where he gave soft warnings about Missionaries and their evils! But in 1952 he firmly took a stance and said “Abolish the Padristhan to the CORE!” and warned Hindus about these evil acts of Missionaries! He foresaw this so back it took us almost 60 yrs to realize!

4. Indian collaboration with Russia!

On 13 December 1953 in a speech he said that by the looks of the internationals matters in near future Americans will help Pakistan and It is almost Inevitable for india to do collaboration with Russia if india wants to Survive! Exactly the same turn of events happened!

5. Disasters of Khilafat!

The colonial police force with prisoners of the Moplah riots

While congress was supporting the communal Khilafat movement Savarkar was in Jail ! Even He was very much outraged about the Khilafat and was writing letters to warn about khilafat and that it Will lead to a disaster! And the Same Happened! He also wrote 2 major books on Khilafat and criticizing Gandhi ! ‘Mopla Riots’ and ‘Gandhian Confusion’!

6. Todays Kashmir Issue!

After visiting Kashmir in 31 7 1942 Savarkar warned us about the true intentions of Kashmiri Mosleman. He clearly Mentions the intentions of Them to form a “State within a State”. And he said we should deal with them aggressively! Yet again we ignored Him!

7. Warning To N.W.F Hindus !

On 3 9 1943 He gave warning to north west frontier living hindus(By His der Hindu Sikhs also come in it) that In near future Major Violence and communal riots might happen !And They should boycott congress and Give the charge To HM to handle the things! And We all know how much killings happened in Pakistan!

8. And the Famous one!

“If Hindus Get United Congress people will wear Janeu over their coats !”

If Vision had a name ! It would be Vinayak !

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