Veer Savarkar a misunderstood hero !

I had to write this cause serious propaganda is spreading against this man!

So who was savarkar and what’s his contribution?

People defame him cause they cant imagine a man of his caliber can exist!

• 1st indian politician to set “Purna Swaraj” as goal of of india.

• 1st indian politician to set a bonefire of British clothes (his age 17). Founder of India’s 1st secret organization abhinav bharat( his age 17) .

• 1st Indian politician to politicise Indian freedom struggle to international level.

• 1st indian historian to write a book of 1857 mutiny 1st to call it war of independence. This book was inspiration to many like Bhagat singh.

• Only indian politician in ENTIRE BRITISH EMPIRE to be sentenced 2 life sentences that too in kala pani.

• 10 yrs of andaman 4 yrs in ratnagiri 13 yrs in nazar kaid spent 27 yrs in jail.

• 1st indian social reformer to take intercaste dinnings marriages 1st to open a temple for all caste in ratnagiri .

PatitPavan Mandir

• Designer of the indian flag which gave india recognition in Europe (tricolor with stars and a sun and a moon)

img : Wiki

• 1st indian politician to give 1 man 1 vote hypothesis.

• After coming from jail did military recruitment of indians which ultimately lead to INA mutiny 1946.

It’s sad that a man who was a atheist and only god he believed was science is considered religious, A man who didn’t believe in concept of religion is consider communal, A man who in his whole life fought for caste iradication is considered brahminwadi, man who fought for akhand bharat till end is considered proponent of two nation theory!

Despite being sever critique of Gandhi savarkar wrote artical in 1942 why Gandhi alive is need of nation than Gandhi dead, a man who wrote 56 pages to prove why Godse was wrong and point by point destroyed him is considered a mastermind behind Gandhis death.

A man who has immense contribution in freedom struggle, literature, poetry,social reforms,history, rationalism, philosophy is not well appreciated.

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